Finding the Cutest Earrings Online

There’s a lot to be said for minimalist jewelry. They are simple in design, yet make a compelling
statement like no other type of earrings. They embrace elegance in a way that flashier kinds cannot.
Think of the little black dress. Its modesty speaks volumes.

Creator Jewelry understands this concept that all women know. Their selection of earrings online
includes stud, drop, fish hook, and other types with classic designs that define minimalist jewelry. Not
sure what to get? Let’s discuss the different kinds of earrings to help you decide which is best for you.

Studs are the simplest kind. The post goes through the earlobe, leaving just the design visible. They
don’t hang down, so they won’t snag on your clothing. Their modest look doesn’t take away from their
beauty. After all, sometimes, less is more.

If you’re looking for something different, there are drops, dangles, and hoops. All will hang down to
varying degrees. Drops are another version of studs with the ornamentation hanging down from your
earlobe. Dangles are similar but have a little movement. These types are often heavier, which makes
minimalist jewelry an excellent choice to protect your ears.

Hoops are another classic style of minimalist jewelry, and you’ll find them in a variety of widths and
sizes. The circular type is the most common, and the symbolism of completeness adds to their elegance.
It’s a shape you’ll often see with earring online. Hoops also won’t snag on clothing, which is a definite
advantage. Unlike studs, you won’t have to worry about losing a backing—and your earring.

Huggies are another take on hoops. The difference is that they sit closer to your earlobes. They combine
the simplicity of studs with the timelessness of hoop earrings. You’ll also see them in varying designs
and widths. They often have the same type of latch back closure.

Fish hooks get their name from their shape. You put them on by threading them through your ear hole.
Like hoops, they stay in place securely. You’ll often see this type of attachment on chandelier and drop

You’ll find a whole array of minimalist designs and all kinds of earrings online at Creator Jewelry. You
aren’t limited to only studs. There are dangles and drops as well that capture this sophisticated beauty.
See what’s in store for making your statement in a gorgeous way.

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